Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gene Therapy and interleukin-10 by Chan at Baylor

However, when the researchers combined the gene therapy with interleukin-10 into a single intravenous injection, the treatment showed a complete reversal of diabetes in half of the mice during more than 20 months' follow-up. Although the therapy did not reverse autoimmunity throughout the body, it protected the new beta cells from the local destructive effect of autoimmunity, Chan explained.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gene Therapy targeting 12-Lipoxygenase at Eastern Virginia Medical School's Strelitz Diabetes Center

Studies have shown that deleting the gene that produces 12-LO can stop Type 1 diabetes in mice. Studies of donated human beta cells have allowed the researchers to confirm that the enzyme is the cause of beta cell destruction from inflammation. "We've now confirmed that 12-LO is a relevant target in humans, particularly in the pancreas, and will help lead to new therapies," says the EVMS researchers.

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism , doi:10.1210/jc.2009-1102