Thursday, June 28, 2012

Macrophages by Harris at Karolinska Institutet

Quote from the abstract:
Clinical therapeutic efficacy was assessed after adoptive transfer in NOD T1D, and after a single transfer of M2r macrophages, >80% of treated NOD mice were protected against T1D for at least 3 months, even when transfer was conducted just prior to clinical onset.
Quote from the news article:
At the end of the follow-up period only 25% of the mice receiving the cytokine-treated macrophages had developed Type 1 diabetes, while 83% of the control groups had become sick. 
"The cell therapy was initiated just 2 weeks before mice developed clinical diabetes", says Dr Harris. "At this stage few insulin-producing beta cells remain in the pancreas, yet we were able to protect these so that the mice never developed diabetes. Such a successful late-stage intervention has never previously been reported and is a significant result of our study. At the time of their clinical Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, most human individuals have already lost most of their insulin-producing beta cells."


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